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Addressing global food security.

Raising livestock in a changing world.

We know the care you put into your livestock. It's more than just your job; it's your passion. You face increased challenges to improve production with more sustainable practices. Illinois Extension can ensure your practices are profitable, ethical, and sustainable providing unbiased best practices backed by research. 

Your business is big business. 

Nearly 40% of global agriculture production value is from livestock. The food and nutrition industry supports nearly 1.3 billion jobs.

Illinois Livestock

  • Cattle: 1 million head
  • Hogs: 5.4 million head
  • Sheep: 53,000 head
  • Meat and Milk Goats: 31,000 head

Per USDA, 2021


It's more than meat.

Materials rendered from the harvest of livestock provide essential products:

  • Leather, wool, and other fabrics for clothing, shoes, upholstery, and furnishings
  • Collagen, lanolin, and keratin for hair and skin care
  • Medicine capsules and chemicals for healthcare
  • Collagen for adhesives
  • Stearic acid for plastics and candles
  • Gelatin for food products

Research guides the development of recommended practices.

Our recommendations are tried and tested at our research centers. Check out each center's current work. Read more groundbreaking research.

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