Orr Agriculture Center

Lower costs and improve herd outcomes

Research from University of Illinois can help producers lower costs and improve the health, breeding, and nutritional needs of their cattle herds. Every fall, the Orr Beef Research Center hosts a Field Day to highlight the latest research in feed, disease, and health management. 

Tour the facility and hear from beef cattle experts and university researchers about a variety of topics such as newborn calf health protocols, using cover crops in an integrated row crop and beef cattle system, the effects of injectable vitamin E in receiving cattle, least cost rations for beef cows, and the extent and management of anaplasmosis in Illinois beef herds. On the tour, explore new cattle handling facilities, calving barn, dry-lot pens, and commodity bay feed storage.

For information about the next field day, contact Travis Meteer at (217) 430-7030 or wmeteer2@illinois.edu.