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Angus bull picture

Start Selecting 2024 Illinois Performance Tested Bulls

Seedstock breeders should be identifying bulls they plan to consign to the 2024 Illinois Performance Tested (IPT) Bull Sale. The IPT Bull Sale is the leadoff event for the annual Illinois Beef Expo. The sale is scheduled for Thursday, February 22 at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield....
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Small group of black and white Simmental cows grazing in cornstalks.

Can I graze cows on cornstalks?

Grazing cornstalks is arguably the best cost-saving strategy Midwestern cattlemen can deploy. The cost of grazing cornstalks is low; first because the cows graze and harvest their own feed and second, because all costs to produce the plant for grain production are attributed to the row-crop...
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Calf with 2-step weaning nose insert

Investigating the two-step weaning strategy in beef calves

It is that time of year again when producers are preparing to wean  calves. Weaning can be one of the most stressful events for both the calf and the cow. Minimizing outside factors that add more stress is key. Traditional or abrupt weaning, within hearing distance from the cow, fence-line weaning...
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Cow with mouth open from heat

Managing heat stress in cattle

Heat stress is a multifaceted issue that poses significant challenges to beef cattle producers, impacting animal welfare, health, and profitability. Understanding the complexities of heat stress and implementing advanced mitigation strategies becomes crucial. Causes of Heat Stress in Beef...
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Sign at Dixon Springs Ag Center displaying the U.S. Forest Service and University of Illinois branding

2023 Dixon Springs Beef Day

Dixon Springs Ag Center to Host Beef Day Illinois Extension and the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences are pleased to announce the annual Beef Field Day at Dixon Springs Agricultural Center will be on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. The program will feature Dr. Nevil Speer from Turkey...
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cows drinking water

Sustainable water management for beef cattle during drought

Drought conditions pose significant challenges for beef cattle producers, particularly in terms of ensuring an adequate water supply for their herds. Water shortage affects not only the well-being of the animals but also their productivity and overall profitability. Implementing effective water...
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Cows grazing red clover regrowth in pasture

Reminders for cattle producers dealing with dry conditions

As temperatures start to rise and rain becomes scarce, cattle farmers are facing the challenge of managing their herds in dry weather conditions. With limited access to water and very limited forage resources, it is crucial to implement strategies that prioritize the health and well-being of the...
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Hereford cow grazing near calf laying in a pasture.

Tips for pasture management

Feed costs represent the greatest percentage of total costs for cow/calf producers. Thus, focusing on opportunities to reduce feed costs will lend to the greatest cost control for cow/calf operators. Improving management of permanent pastures is crucial to profitability. Increasing land costs,...
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beef cattle in pasture

Too Late for Frost Seeding?

The first week of March is traditionally when many in central and northern Illinois are frost seeding clover. However, this year has brought a dry, mild winter and the grass as even started to green up. It feels like spring, and the plants feel it too. The question has come up quite a bit in the...
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