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The Cattle Connection 2019


Fly Control for Beef Cattle

The wet spring has certainly provided favorable breeding conditions for flies. As we progress into the summer it is evident that fly pressure is and will be heavy. Although all flies do pose risk of irritation and thus lost dollars to beef producers, it is important to know there are four main...
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pasture of grass

Summer annuals can help solve forage shortages

Are you short on hay? Are your pastures struggling and grazing days coming up short? Do you need an emergency forage if it turns dry this summer? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may need to look into planting a summer annual forage. Adding a summer annual forage to...
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cow standing in cold snow

Cold Weather Strategies for Cattlemen

As livestock owners care for livestock in frigid temperatures, it is important to know where efforts are best spent. Cattle handle cold weather quite well as long as they have a dry, heavy winter hair coat.  Strategies to help cattle in cold weather Provide windbreak or shelter...
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farmer moving cows

Passion and pride fuels the livestock industry

I recently attended a University of Illinois livestock and meats judging team reunion. Admittedly, when I received the invitation in the mail I thought to myself… I am way too busy to go. However, my team was to be highlighted on the program as the 10 year anniversary team. Thus, I put it on my...
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