Deep-Pit Manure Foaming

Foam production in deep-pit manure storages is a growing concern for the U.S. swine industry. Incidents of barn explosions and flash fires have increased recently as a consequence of foam production in these storages, which traps methane and allows accumulation to dangerous levels.

One hypothesis is that the foam production is occurring as a consequence of the presence or activity of one or more bacterial populations, or from a by-product of bacterial populations present in the deep-pits. However, few studies have analyzed these microbial community populations in deep-pit swine manure storages. Even fewer studies have specifically examined differences in these communities in foaming and non-foaming deep-pit manure storages, or changes in microbial communities over time as a deep-pit transitions from a non-foaming to a foaming state. 

Thus, there is an urgent need to identify factors involved with deep-pit foaming. Failure to identify causes of foaming in deep-pit manure storages will limit our ability to design prevention and mitigation strategies that will prevent loss of property or life.


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