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Lawn Care

Why Lawns?

There’s more to lawns than mowing. Lawns are an important part of our landscape. Nearly every Illinoisan owns, maintains, recreates, or uses a lawn for various activities. This website is designed to provide best management practices and current research on lawn care to help you make the decisions for your lawn. Let University of Illinois Extension help you get the lawn you desire.

While commercial marketing campaigns may market an ideal lawn, no two lawns are the same, and it is okay to be different depending on the conditions of your site, budget, your local rules and regulations, and your aesthetics. Whether you want to control dandelions or embrace them, Illinois Extension is here to help guide you toward your perfect lawn.

Grow the Perfect Lawn

You decide what perfect means for you
Lawn with clover next to house.
Go green with eco-friendly lawn care
URBANA, Ill. — Residential lawns consume over 2.5 billion gallons of water a year. This makes taking a natural approach to lawn care appealing for homeowners. Also, almost 3 million tons of fertilizer are applied to residential lawns every year, and homeowners typically use three times more...
watering can with flowers in top
Keep garden, plants hydrated going into fall
URBANA, Ill. — This summer has brought drought to many parts of Illinois. Most gardeners are aware that plants need water to thrive, but it can be helpful to review the ins and outs of garden hydration to ensure the best results.  “Many environmental conditions factor into plant survival...
Grassy weeds becoming more common in lawns
URBANA, Ill. — When confronted with lawn weeds, typically we think of dandelion, creeping Charlie, and violet. These plants and many others are classified as broadleaved weeds, or dicots, and are easily distinguished from grasses which are monocots. Scientists have engineered herbicides that...
Little bluestem is a native prairie grass with beauty in all four seasons, including excellent fall color.
Native prairie grasses create distinct, breezy aesthetic in home landscape
URBANA, Ill. — Nothing beats the light and airy look of tall, distinctive grasses in a landscape arrangement. The fluffy seedheads and slender, attractive stems practically dance in the wind on breezy days, adding texture as well as a structural element to any landscape bed.    For many...
poison vines
Leaves of three? Keep poison ivy out of the home landscape
URBANA, Ill. — Experienced gardeners know where poison ivy is likely to be in the home landscape and newer gardeners will likely learn fast. Without knowing poison ivy is in the yard, it is all too easy to get the oils on your hands and clothing while clearing beds of otherwise harmless weeds...

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