Become a Master Naturalist

The Master Naturalist Program provides science-based educational opportunities that connect people with nature and help them become engaged environmental stewards. The program educates and trains adult volunteers so they are better equipped to share natural resource information with others in their communities and to assist with environmental conservation and restoration activities. We all have a responsibility to protect the natural resources in the places where we live in order to ensure our world is fit for the future. University of Illinois Extension partners with local agencies to accomplish the Master Naturalist mission.

Master Naturalist program participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn basic principles about the natural world.
  • Learn about the interdependent nature of the plats and animals in the various ecosystems of Illinois.
    Learn animals specific to Illinois such as mammals, insects, reptiles, fish, and birds.
  • Learn how everyone is part of and impacts nature in rural or urban areas.
  • Learn practical techniques for both teaching about and managing natural areas.

Master Naturalists must complete 40 hours of field and classroom learning and 60 hours volunteer service within two years to become a Certified Master Naturalist. To remain active in the program, an additional 30 hours volunteer service and 10 hours of continuing education must be performed yearly.

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