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Maintaining a Sound Septic System


If you live in a rural or suburban area that is not served by municipal or sanitary sewers, you  must look to on-site systems to treat wastewater. While commonly called “septic systems,” today’s systems range from a standard tank and drain field to more complex systems that involve pumps,  air compressors, and other types of mechanical devices. New technologies have provided alternatives that allow wastewater treatment in areas where site conditions may prohibit or severely limit traditional systems.

Why should you care about your on-site system?

Because failure of the system has the potential to create both health and environmental consequences, including such things as odor, contamination of drinking water, and home damage, not to mention a large repair bill. Even if a system appears to be working, it may not be treating wastewater adequately. That is why is it critical to make sure your on-site system is functioning properly.