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Caring for the world and each other.

Regenerating Health and Wealth

Agriculture is one of the most rewarding professions, but it's not always easy. Balancing the business needs and decisions of your operation can be tough enough without incorporating the environmental ones. We know you want to be economically and environmentally sustainable, but to do that, you may need to adjust some of your current practices, which can be intimidating. We believe we have a solution for you, and that solution is Regenerative agriculture. At Illinois Extension, we understand that you might not know where to start, which is why we provide easy-to-understand information outlining regenerative agriculture practices. So you can stop guessing and instead start implementing.


"Regenerative ag is the best version of ag. Today’s ag system can produce enough calories for all people to survive... now we must do it in a way that helps." Emily Heaton

It's more than just your farm.


Regenerative Agriculture is an outcome-based approach to advancing productivity, profitability, and environmental health in a way that enhances food security, reinvigorates rural and urban communities, and restores the natural systems that life depends on. This approach can also improve soil health and biodiversity. The actions you take can benefit much more than you or your farm; they can benefit the environment and your community. Implementing regenerative practices can help producers efficiently use their resources and increase profitability while fostering a solid relationship with the environment.

Person bent down on one knee checking soil in a no-till farm field.
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