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Start living well today

Start your wellness journey.

Every day can be a good day when we balance all the dimensions of our wellness. We often rush through our day taking care of everyone who needs us. Living well means taking time for ourselves so we can be healthy for others who need us. Let Extension sort through all the information and offer you practical, trustworthy ways to improve all aspects of your wellness. Small steps can add up to big changes. Let's make the wellness journey together.

Wellness balances many aspects of living.

Wellness takes balance. Challenges in one area effect how we feel in our other areas. Illinois Extension helps build your awareness to these dimensions that lead to acceptance and commitment. There's no better day to begin than today.

Areas of wellness we can offer assistance:

  • Physical Wellness: Choosing physical activities, healthy foods, and adequate sleep
  • Intellectual Wellness: Expanding skills by challenging your memory 
  • Emotional Wellness: Exhibiting resiliency, positive self-worth, and healthy relationships  
  • Social Wellness: Feeling connected with others who support and welcome you
  • Financial Wellness: Financial optimism, sound financial futures 

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