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Addressing Ageism and Promoting Inclusivity | Lessons For Living | September 2023

Appreciate our uniqueness at every age

Come and learn more about what ageism is, how it impacts society, and ways to promote inclusivity in our communities. It is not uncommon for those living in…

Building a Strong Foundation

What is diabetes?

Learn about the three main types of diabetes, what puts you at risk, and explore symptoms you may want to address with your healthcare provider.

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What to Eat, When You Can't Eat That | Lessons for Living | October 2023

Need help reading nutrition labels for hidden allergens?

Learn how to read labels, identify hidden allergens, and the difference between an allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance. This program…

Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal

Carbs: What you eat and how much you eat matters.

Having a solid nutritional foundation to help you make healthier food choices when you have diabetes is vital. Find out what carbohydrates are,…

Meal Planning Made Easy

Developing the best meal plan that fits you.

Eating well is a powerful tool for managing diabetes, but a common question asked by people diagnosed with diabetes is, "What can I eat?" A diet to…

Diabetes Clinic - The Fuel to Fight Cancer

County: Woodford
Food is one tool to support cancer prevention, treatment, and care.

Join Nutrition and Wellness Educator and Registered Dietitian, Jenna Smith, for a lesson that will discuss research on how…

Why Sodium and Fat Matter

Discover the link between salt, fats, and diabetes.

Did you know that sodium and fat can affect not only your heart health but diabetes as well? Learn about sodium and fat's roles on the body,…

Get to Know Your Diabetes Care Team

Knowing the care team that will take care of you.

To help you stay on track and tailor your care to meet your specific needs, you will need to get to know your diabetes care team and know what…

Management Beyond Food

What else needs to be done besides a good diet?

Discover how to manage blood glucose and diabetes beyond diet and learn how to set goals, incorporate physical activity, manage stress, and much…

Don't Go It Alone | Lessons For Living | November 2023

Connection with others supports well-being and health.

Research increasingly shows that social isolation and loneliness can deeply impact the quality of life, especially for older adults. And…