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Make informed decisions about health choices with cutting-edge research from University of Illinois. Find a session that's perfect for you. Autumn Health Picks Series is a collaboration between Illinois Extension and Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as part of the Community Seminar Series.

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Workshop Recordings

Autumn Health Picks Series 2023

3 diverse people talking

Between Two Worlds: Bicultural Emerging Adults' Navigation of Interpersonal Conflict | October 18 at Noon

Global migration has given rise to a growing population of emerging adults who navigate multiple cultures: biculturals. Interviews with these individuals highlight the challenges posed by expectations around diverse values and ways of life from both family and friends. Learn how the experiences of biculturals can inform new strategies for conflict management in different social spheres. Presenter: Esra Sahin, PhD.



holding hands

Dating Matters: The Science of Healthy Intimate Relationships | October 25 at Noon

Cultivating and nurturing intimate relationships is an important part of many people's daily lives; each relationship is as unique as the people involved. Delve into healthy relationships' emotional and physical benefits and learn to recognize positive signs, identify red flags, and navigate the complexities of love and connection. Presenter: Qihao Zhan, MSW, MPA.


An image of a human brain

Understanding Schizophrenia: Improvements in Treatment Effectiveness and Precision | November 1 at Noon

Explore the origins of schizophrenia through research involving two individuals living with the disorder. Studying mice with genetic alterations like those found in these patients has provided insights into the brain mechanisms underlying schizophrenia symptoms. Discover new treatment strategies that researchers are developing to enhance the lives of individuals affected by schizophrenia. Presenter: Maltesh Kambali, PhD.


A woman covering her ears

Navigating Noise: Clear Communication and Hearing Conservation | November 8 at Noon

Have you ever had difficulty hearing in noisy places like restaurants or parties? Hearing in noisy situations can be a challenge for some people despite having no diagnosis of hearing loss. This can cause people to avoid social gatherings and affect their mental health. Discover the science behind hearing in noisy situations. Presenters: Vahid Delaram, PhD student and Rohit Ananthanarayana, MS.


A man checking products in a super market

All About Process: How Ultra-Processed Foods Impact Health | November 15 at Noon

What is the difference between potatoes and potato chips? One is the natural form, while the other is ultra-processed. With different nutrient profiles, the body responds to each in distinct ways. Americans widely consume ultra-processed foods, yet their health implications remain unclear to many. Learn more about how these food products affect your health. Presenter: Ru Liu, MS, RD.