Vouchers for Ag Producers


There's financial help for farm families to connect with mental health professionals.

Asking for help is a sign of strength and courage. The Illinois Agricultural Mental Health Voucher Program allows agricultural producers and their families to seek help free of charge from a certified mental health professional. Our goal is to provide Illinois agricultural producers with mental health resources and access to trained professionals.

Request a voucher

If you are seeking immediate help, please call 911 or visit the Need Help Now tab for multiple resources. Please contact Kacie Hulshof with questions.


Illinois Agricultural Mental Health Voucher Program. 

The Illinois Agricultural Mental Health Voucher Program connects agricultural producers and their families with local mental health professionals. This program would enable producers to seek mental health services at no cost to the producer and their family. From this program, we hope to broaden mental health access for agricultural producers and their families.

Who is eligible to receive vouchers?

Eligible voucher recipients include adults (age 18 or older) who identify as working in the agricultural industry or any of their immediate family members. Recipients must reside in the state of Illinois.

How will I receive the vouchers?

After submitting the Illinois Agricultural Mental Health Voucher Program Form (LINK) you will either get an email or be mailed the voucher, depending on your preference. From there, you will select and contact your preferred participating provider.

Is insurance required? Does this connect to any existing insurance?

The Illinois Agricultural Mental Health Voucher Program does not contact nor require insurance information. We aim to connect you with mental health providers, regardless of insurance coverage.

How do I get matched to a provider?

You get to choose which provider to work with. We will give you a list of participating providers who accept the vouchers, and you can pick the person you think will work best for you.

Is there a cost for vouchers?

For agricultural producers and their families, there is no cost associated with using a voucher. Simply bring the voucher to your appointment.

What does one voucher get me?

Recipients will give one voucher to the mental health care provider per session, and the provider will submit the vouchers to Illinois Extension for reimbursement. One voucher is good for one session. The voucher will expire after six months.

How many vouchers can I receive?

For people who are eligible, one request generates three vouchers. Requests are fulfilled in the order received, as funds remain available. Multiple requests may, but are not guaranteed, to be fulfilled. You can continue meeting with your provider after the three vouchers, but Extension will only reimburse for the three vouchers presented. If you wish to schedule more appointments, it is up to each individual how to proceed.


How is my information kept private?

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Personal information such as names, addresses, or other individually identifiable information will be held confidentially by the project team and not otherwise shared or distributed. Once a voucher number is assigned, that will be the identifier, not your name or any other contact information. Mental health providers will not share any files or medical history with University of Illinois Extension or voucher program staff.

Will people know that I have requested vouchers?

No, the process is done from the privacy of your own environment. You can choose to get the vouchers emailed directly to you or mailed straight to your house. 

Do I have to go in person to see the provider?

Because of the pandemic, many mental health professionals have the capability to provide telehealth services. You can choose from the provided list if you want to be seen in person or via telehealth. If you choose to receive telehealth services, you will need a reliable internet connection in a private environment.

What if I am already seeking counseling? Can these vouchers be used elsewhere?

If you already have a mental health professional that you meet with and they are not a partnering provider, please direct them to our website to fill out the Partnering Provider Form so they can be in the future.

What does a typical session look like?

Each individual session will be unique to each person. Each voucher covers one session with you and a partnering provider, such as a Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker etc. A licensed professional will be able to assist you during your therapy journey. What you and the provider choose to cover is completely up to you. The voucher can be used for any kind of session with a provider (family, couple, or individual sessions).

Do I have to be a resident of Illinois?

Yes, this program is specifically for adults (age 18 or older) living in Illinois who identify as working in the agricultural industry or any of their immediate family members. However, other states have similar programs including: Missouri, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. If your state does not have a voucher program, consider reaching out to your state’s Extension office.