Farm Mental Health Research

Researchers at University of Illinois Extension are adding to the farm mental health research.

  • Who and How: Exploring the Preferred Senders and Channels of Mental Health Information for Wisconsin Farmers: Read the research
  • Toward a national core course in agricultural medicine and curriculum in agricultural safety and health: The "building capacity" consensus process: Read the research.
  • Increasing the number of trained health and safety professionals in agricultural medicine: Evaluation of the "building capacity" program: Read the research.
  • Translating agricultural health and medicine education across the Pacific: A United States and Australian comparison study: Read the research.
  • Social and Individual Influences on Tractor Operating Practices of Young Adult Agricultural Workers: Read the research.
  • Addressing farm stress through Extension mental health literacy programs: Read the research.
  • An analysis of suicide risk factors among farmers in the midwestern United States: Read the research.
  • Social status influence on stigma towards mental illness and substance use disorder in the United States: Read the research.
  • Developing and Implementing Farm Stress Training to Address Agricultural Producer Mental Health: Read the research.
  • Evaluation capacity building as a means to credible evidence in Extension programs: Read the research.
Illinois Extension Researchers