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You've worked hard your whole life.

Farming is in your blood. Don't let challenges keep you from doing what you love. Illinois AgrAbility offers education and assistance to eliminate barriers, accommodate limitations, and help you continue farming.

  • Customized, onsite farm assessments
  • Effective solutions and safe modifications
  • Educational opportunities and resources

We know you aren't one to ask for help.

Life changes with age, but that doesn't mean you have to quit farming. The average age of farmers in Illinois is 58, so many of your neighbors could also benefit from our life-changing services. Don't let your pride keep you from finding out how we can help.

Don't Let Life Slow Your Down

vegetable farmer in wheelchair holding box of fresh produce

Services and Eligibility

AgrAbility helps farmers and farm workers with disabilities or chronic diseases maintain independence through free and customized onsite farm assessments, recommendations for safe equipment and work practices, and educational opportunities and resources.

See Our Services

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Support Your Future

The presence of a disability or chronic health condition can jeopardize the agricultural futures of farmers and farm workers. With some assistance, those with disabilities can safely and effectively continue to earn their livelihoods in production agriculture and participate fully in rural community life.

Ask For Help

farmer holding a tablet shaking hands with nother farmer

Connect With AgrAbility

To date, our team has provided more than 1,500 farm clients with one-on-one services to help them continue their livelihoods in production agriculture and participate fully in rural community life by eliminating barriers and providing solutions.

Connect With Us

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AgrAbility Partners

Illinois AgrAbility is a partnership between University of Illinois Extension, Community Health Partnership of Illinois, and Illinois Assistive Technology Program. Together, our services and programs enhance the quality of life for farmers, veterans, and other agricultural workers with limitations, so that they, their families, and their communities continue to succeed in rural America.

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