ATV and UTV Safety



In 2022, 18 cases involving ATV and UTVs that resulted in an injury occurred. There were 44 people involved in the cases with 10 fatalities. Most of the cases involved ATVs (10 of the 18) and most occurred on roadways (13 out of 18). The average age of people injured in the incidents was 33.8 years old. The oldest victim was 74 years old and the youngest was 6. Most of the people involved were 35 years or younger, with 22% under 16 years old. The months with the most incidents were June and July with 4 incidents each. Most of the cases occurred during the summer months.

Case Studies


An adult and two youth passengers were riding an ATV at a rural property. There was a crash for an unknown reason, resulting in everyone being ejected from the vehicle. One of the youth passengers was pronounced dead at the scene while the adult driver and other youth passenger were taken to the hospital for injuries. – May 2022

An ATV operated by a youth was travelling on a roadway when hit by an SUV as it reached the top of a hill. The SUV attempted to avoid the ATV but was unsuccessful and they collided. The ATV was sent into the ditch and flipped multiple times and threw off the youth operator. The youth ATV operator was wearing a helmet during the incident. The SUV driver stopped, contacted emergency services, and performed aid till they arrived. The youth sustained minor injuries. – June 2022

An ATV operator was driving on a roadway late at night when they lost control. They attempted to avoid hitting an animal and crashed, getting thrown from the vehicle. Police deputies arrived at the scene and detected a smell of alcohol on the operator. The operator was taken to a local hospital for injuries. – June 2022

Three high school aged youth were in a UTV on a roadway. The driver lost control, rolling the vehicle, and striking a pole. All three were taken to a hospital with one passenger later pronounced dead. – June 2022

A UTV with a passenger was travelling on a roadway when an SUV came up behind them. The SUV attempted to pass while the UTV also attempted to turn left into a field. The SUV rearended the UTV, causing the UTV to rollover into a field. The UTV driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger was taken to the hospital for injuries.  - November 2022

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