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Be the child care provider your children need.

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Children of all ages need positive reinforcement and role models to successfully demonstrate and support healthy mental, physical, and social behaviors. Illinois Extension provides research-based information that help you provide for the mental, physical and social experience your clients need.


Happy Healthy Providers provides K-12 teachers and childcare professionals an opportunity to earn CEUs while learning how to help children build those healthy habits. Explore strategies to promote resiliency and mindfulness, manage stress, and encourage healthy nutrition and activity choices within your learning environments.

Workshop Topics

HOW HIGH DO YOU BOUNCE: Building resilience during difficult times
Resiliency skills help people adapt, recover, and grow stronger from challenging situations. Learn how to grow opportunities from challenges and nurture and strengthen your resilience.

BRAIN BOOSTERS: Engage healthy students
Incorporating brain-boosting activities and healthy snacks throughout the school day can promote student success and health. Discover how to incorporate energizers in the school day in order to sharpen students’ abilities to focus and stay on task. Learn how to make quick budget-friendly snacks and healthy snack swaps for students and their families.

Mindfulness can help reduce your stress and improve job satisfaction and focus. Develop your own mindful practice by learning how to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment with openness and curiosity. Discover the benefits of mindfulness for both teachers and students, and learn how to complement social-emotional learning opportunities in the classroom with mindfulness strategies.

Family engagement systems support children's school wellness and academic achievements. Gain a better understanding of what family engagement really means and start to develop resources to encourage easy family involvement activities in your school settings.

Earn five hours of Certified Professional Development Units (CPDUs) by attending all five sessions. Illinois Extension is an approved professional development provider authorized to issue under the Illinois State Board of Education.

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