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Ligthening in the sky, stormy

Severe weather

Spring is the time of year that we pay more attention to the weather. Whether we are watching the television, listening to the radio, checking our weather App, or getting alerts from the radio, severe weather can impact our lives. Planning as a family is an excellent way of not getting caught off...
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a family playing a board game

Take time for a "family night in" this April

April is here and brings many changes. The temperature. The clock. Even our clothing.  Why not add one more change to the list?  Get out your calendars and pick a night for a “family night in” to relax and spend time together. What children really want is more time with friends and family. What...
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person holding dog

Ten suggestions for improved positivity and well-being

Our lives are bombarded with negativity, stress and countless threats to our emotional well-being. New research in neuroscience and positive psychology show that when we experience happiness and positivity, it turns on all the learning centers in the brain and fuels positive outcomes in all aspects...
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cup of tea, flowers and books on a table

How to manage the winter blues

Winter is upon us and those longer hours of darkness coupled with the colder temperatures can make many people experience those “winter blues.” I have become much more aware of the signs of mental health issues since becoming a facilitator for Mental...
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Decision Making Sign

How to make difficult decisions

Most of us make minor decisions every day. What do I want for lunch? What should I drink for breakfast? Coffee, tea, juice, or milk? There are more complex decisions that we make as well. These decisions weigh more heavily because they impact our lives in many ways. As we transition into 2023,...
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person holding books walking through a classroom

How to deal with academic burnout and stress

With finals around the corner many students are feeling unmotivated or stressed. It can be hard to finish off the semester strong with such stress and pressure. Sometimes the constant buildup of projects, papers, exams, presentations, etc. can be too overwhelming and cause burnout. There seems to...
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Two candy canes making a heart

Manage holiday stress

With the anticipation of the holidays, there can also be that feeling of dread – how are you going to get everything done on an already busy schedule? For many people, the extensive preparations they engage in to pull off those picture-perfect holidays create so much stress, that they can’t even...
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