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News Releases
vegetables on a display crate
What is needed to create a long-term sustainable food system for Illinois?
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois food growers, distributors and activists voiced solutions for creating a more resilient and equitable food system in Illinois: support for growers and producers of all experience levels, investment in education and marketing strategies, and advocacy engagement to secure...
Students speak with a recruiter from SIU during career field day
Students learn about agriculture career paths during field day
EWING, Ill. – While the industry may be saturated with job opportunities, many teens and young adults simply don’t know which path to take. Illinois Extension connects students directly with higher education and career opportunities each year through the Agricultural Careers and Technology...
People exercising
Take steps to build a strong foundation for diabetes care
URBANA, Ill. — Over 37.3 million Americans live with diabetes, and another 38% of adults have prediabetes. Raising awareness and learning as much as possible about preventing and treating diabetes is essential. University of Illinois Extension offers...

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