Four Seasons Gardening

Spend summer days growing and learning to support your garden. 

Get ready to spend summer days outdoors gardening, exploring, and enjoying the growing season by adding in Four Seasons Gardening webinars. This summer, get tips for supporting the ladybug population in Illinois, pairing up companion-style planting decisions, and adding foodscaping to an entrance flower bed. The summer sessions led by University of Illinois Extension experts begin June 11.

The series focuses on home gardening, environmental stewardship, and backyard food production. Monthly webinars are held from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on select Tuesdays and are free to attend. Registration is required. 

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the coordinator by session: Lady Beetles, Gemini Bhalsod at; Companion Planting, Andrew Holsinger at; and Foodscaping, Nancy Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting access needs. 

Have a gardening topic on your mind and want to know more? Share suggestions for upcoming sessions with Nancy Kreith at

Summer 2024 Sessions

Lady beetle walking over the center of a white blooming flower.

Garden Guardians: Understanding and Supporting Lady Beetles in Illinois | June 11

Ladybugs, lady beetles, or ladybirds, whatever name is used, are beneficial insects in home gardens. However, native beetle populations have been declining across North America for a number of reasons. Learn about some lady beetles found in Illinois and ways to help the population thrive.

Presenter: Ken Johnson, Extension horticulture educator


Green beans growing on a plant next to companion yellow marigold flowers.

Companion Planting: Bountiful and Beautiful Together | July 23

Growing certain plants together can benefit the whole garden. Discover plant partnerships that offer strategies to break up heavy soils, combat weeds and disease, lure pests away, attract specific beneficial insects, and improve pollination. Companion planting is a way to combine thriving vegetable gardens with the beauty of flowers and herbs.

Presenter: Nicole Flowers-Kimmerle, Extension horticulture educator


View of a landscaped flower bed with flowers, foliage, and vegetables.

Foodscaping: Creating Snacks Among the Flower Beds | August 13

Foodscaping is a design concept that intentionally adds edible plant varieties to existing beds of ornamentals. The result is growing food that saves money and is a healthy activity that produces fruits and vegetables to enjoy all season long. The main appeal of foodscapes is that they are valuable and beautiful. Get tips on designing and maintaining a foodscaping project by having the right plant in the right place.

Presenter: Christina Lueking, Extension horticulture educator


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Every program is recorded and available to watch on the Illinois Extension Horticulture YouTube channel. Videos are available about two weeks after the live program.