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individual stressed out

Managing holiday stress

The American Psychological Association has conducted a nationwide survey in its Mind/Body campaign since 2007. The focus is to examine the state of stress nationwide and understand its impact. The study in 2023 indicated that 55% of Americans are stressed during the day. Managing stress can help...
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Family holidays…not always merry

Do you dread the holidays because… You are you an adult who is single and your family and friends wish you were happily coupled? Are you a parent of an adult child wishing you had grandbabies? Every time you are gathered with family do you still feel judged for the life choices you made? Time spent...
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glass half full with water, block with the word half

Is your glass half full or half empty?

As a new year is upon us, sometimes we say that we hope the new year is better than the last.  As the saying goes, are you looking at your glass half-full or half-empty?  Our outlook may be grim, or it could be positive. If your tendency is to find the less optimistic view, then you might...
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black box with garland, text reads the bittersweet season

Helpful tips to cope with grief this holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching and given the loss, turmoil, and uncertainty that we have recently experienced, I thought it would be helpful to revisit this post from a few years ago. While the holiday season brings about joy and celebration, it can also be a time of great...
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Holidays at home

Most years, many strive to go home for the holidays. This year, many will spend their holidays in their own home. The home may be a place they live alone, a place with a significant other, a place with children, or a home filled with multi-generations.  Whatever home is for you, and however...
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Give Thanks pumpkin decoration hanging on front door

An attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations may look different in 2020 for many people. I have had many conversations with friends and family about whether to gather. This year our attitude needs to be centered on giving people grace about their decisions and focus on expressing gratitude and thankfulness in a...
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pouting little girl

Prevent tantrums during the holidays

We talk a lot about stress during the holidays and try to find ways to reduce or make that stress more manageable. However, we usually talk about it in regards to us – the adults – and sometimes forget that holidays can be difficult for children as well. Parties, shopping, and other activities may...
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