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4-H Fair

4-H fair season is in full swing, learn more about each fair

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Green and Growing

Whether it’s your first-year gardening or you’ve been growing for decades, a gardener is always learning

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Partners in Produce

By sharing a little, we can help a lot

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Maintaining a strong relationship with your spouse or romantic partner can be a challenge.

This free online program will get you there.

Strong Couples

Lessons for Living

Free webinar series from the University of Illinois

No matter your age, learn valuable life lessons and gain relevant, easy-to-understand tips for living an inspiring, healthful, and rich life.

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Elevate your skills with Thinking, Learning, and Caring

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A ruby-throated hummingbird visiting a purple blazing prairie star plant.
Gardening for a hummingbird's travels
URBANA, Ill. — Hummingbirds are unlike any other bird. Spanning the Americas with over 330 species, hummingbirds belong to Trochilidae, the second-largest bird family in the world. However, only the ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) inhabits the Midwest....
a Black-crowned night heron
Conservation project tracks behavior, migration of Chicago's endangered heron
URBANA, Ill. — Among the snowbirds returning north for the summer, A24 is special. For one thing, A24 is an actual bird: a Black-crowned night heron, to be exact. And it has just returned to Chicago to join hundreds of its kind nesting near Lake Michigan. But unlike the human snowbirds that...

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