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Family Files 2020

person reading book with tea cup on table

Managing the winter blues

Winter is upon us and those longer hours of darkness coupled with the colder temperatures can make many people experience those “winter blues.” Throw in a pandemic where we are isolating from others, and I’m afraid we are going to see more people experiencing those blues and maybe worse this season...
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Holidays at home

Most years, many strive to go home for the holidays. This year, many will spend their holidays in their own home. The home may be a place they live alone, a place with a significant other, a place with children, or a home filled with multi-generations.  Whatever home is for you, and however you are...
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Give Thanks pumpkin decoration hanging on front door

An attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations may look different in 2020 for many people. I have had many conversations with friends and family about whether to gather. This year our attitude needs to be centered on giving people grace about their decisions and focus on expressing gratitude and thankfulness in a...
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SEL social emotional learning tips for parents

Social-emotional learning and your child

Life has not been easy for most parents who have school-aged children. It has been unpredictable for some parents, not knowing from day to day whether their child(ren) will be in a school building or learning remotely from home. Just recently a friend of mine got word that her daycare had to close...
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Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month in November

We all know someone who is providing care for someone else. They may be caring for an older parent, a disabled adult child, or a spouse suffering from a traumatic injury or chronic illness. Even parents raising children are considered caregivers. Caregivers give of themselves without expecting...
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Two young girls hugging and laughing

Impulse control and your child

Impulse control involves knowing how and when to express emotions like excitement, frustration, joy, disappointment, and anger. It is a process that develops as children mature and is critical for their success in making and keeping friends, which in turn boosts their self-esteem and school success...
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Genetic counselors: How they can help you or your family

What do genetic counselors do? While many have heard about genetic counselors, most have no idea what they do. Let’s look at the important role they play in the healthcare system and communities and how they can be utilized more often. Genetic counselors are used mostly during pregnancy, and they...
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woman smiling

Fighting social isolation

I am concerned for the older population right now. Data has shown that older adults are more vulnerable in this pandemic due to their weaker immune systems and higher likelihood of having chronic conditions including heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease and many others. The CDC...
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flowerpot with plant and heart

Additional ways to build resilience

In the last article I shared with you many characteristics of people who manage well during difficult times. I would like to highlight several more for you in this article. Again, when faced with adversity, resilient people: Are positive and optimistic. Author/Philosopher Lawrence Pearsall Jacks...
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bench with paper bag that has inspirational saying on it

Feeling grateful during difficult times

Things have not been easy for any of us during these past few months – or “unprecedented times.” We may feel like we’ve had many losses: loss of security, loss of contact with others, loss of freedom to come and go where we would like, maybe even loss of health and loved ones, among many more. Many...
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lemons on a blue background

When life gives you lemons

Surely, you’ve heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” When I think about all the lemons, we’ve been handed this year, it can be difficult to see how to make the lemonade – especially for children. If you have a child in your life, stop for a moment and consider all the...
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Explaining PTSD to your child

Reoccurring and distressing memories, flashbacks, nightmares, avoiding specific places or activities, feeling hopeless, memory loss, feeling detached from family or friends, always being on guard, trouble sleeping, and irritability are only a few of the extensive list of symptoms individuals with...
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The Smaller Moments Matter with Kids

Quality time during early childhood is vital to the growth and development of children. Quality time between parents and children develops stronger communication, promotes interactions, strengthens bonds within the family, helps children become mentally and emotionally healthier, builds self-esteem...
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Helping children deal with anxiety

When adults are stressed or anxious about our day to day lives and activities, we can find ways to cope through multiple outlets. Exercise, meditation, diet changes, sleep patterns, and venting to those around us are only a few examples of options to relieve stress. Children, on the other hand,...
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Meditate and Celebrate

Between the chaos of work, balancing your family activities, and keeping up with household chores, when do you find the time for yourself? Do you check in with your mental well- being often? When do you find the time to relax?    Meditation is described as “mind-body complementary medicine” by the...
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Manage time instead of time managing you

If you were to follow yourself for a day, would you be bone-tired by the end of the day or still have the energy to do a few more tasks? Did you have an overall productive day, or do you still have the feeling that you need to get things done? Now, follow yourself around for a week and consider the...
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Digital detox is the new self care

Have you ever thought about how the online world affects us and why we should take a digital detox? Social media has become the number one activity on the internet. People are becoming more addicted to social media causing mental and physical issues. Taking a break from social media can help...
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