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The day you plan, dream and somewhat dread has arrived…your child is getting married! It happened to me just last weekend. With every detail finally in place, my husband walked our daughter down the aisle to begin her new life as a Mrs.

First of all, how in the world did I get this old? It seems as if just yesterday I was changing her diaper and looking for her retainer in the trash can.

Fun at Home with Preschoolers: Let's Measure!

This is used with permission from the Illinois Early Learning Project https://illinoisearlylearning.org/tipsheets/fun-measure/
Your preschool-age child hears you talk about miles, inches, pounds, liters, acres, and minutes. He sees you measuring things. He may wonder how tall he is or how long he can stand on one foot. Here are some home activities that can help your child learn basic measurement concepts.



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Ease Those First-Day Blues!

A tip sheet from the Illinois Early Learning Project!

Separations, sadness, fears, and tears—a young child's first day in your program can be challenging for children and adults! These strategies can help teachers and caregivers make it easier for children and parents to get through those first-day blues.

Help families prepare.

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Regular preventive care exams are key to identifying risk factors and health problems before they become serious.

Winter Fitness

Now that winter is upon us, it is quite comforting to sit down with a movie, hot chocolate, and your family for some quality time together. Although it is important to do some enjoyable and relaxing activities, it is important to try to incorporate some plans that include physical movement for overall fitness. Even though you may have to be creative in your planning as you schedule around the changing weather, keeping active can give you a boost of energy that will help your body.

Many times throughout my life, I have heard and learned about being grateful. It started when I was young. It was a value that my parents hoped to teach me. "Eat your peas," my parents would say and "be grateful you have food to eat, there are starving kids in other parts of the world." I did not know there were hungry kids in my own hometown. I am not sure as I child I understood to be grateful for my greens and vegetables, but I was grateful that I was able to go on summer vacations. My best friend rarely went on vacations.

The University of Illinois Extension has permission through a partnership with University of Georgia Extension to utilize information from the Better Brains for Babies website for educational purposes.

What is attachment and why does it matter in the overall development of my baby?

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Despite the title, I am not going to talk about the latest video game or Monster High doll! According to authors Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock-Staeheli in their book Unplug the Christmas Machine, as early as the age of four or five kids can lose the ability to be delighted by the sights and sounds of the holidays.
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As New Year's Resolutions start to fade, we hear more and more excuses for why we are not ab

With the start of the new school year, I thought I'd re-share a blog post on bullying I wrote in 2015.  This timely information is a great reminder for us all in how to tell bullying apart from peer conflict.

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Tips on Handling Tantrums