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Many resources neglect topics of interest for older people. The Quarterly Companion is a great resource for everyone, especially those who want information in larger type and fun activities to keep their brains alert. We all need a companion that "gets" us. We're here for you.

  • Estate Planning is Worth the Effort | Winter 2024
    Navigate estate planning with confidence. Discover how creating an estate plan offers peace of mind and ensures your wishes are honored. Plus, explore six proactive steps to prevent falls and valuable insights on Omega-3-rich foods.
  • The Taste of Summer, in Winter: Home Preserving | Fall 2023
    Summer gardens and farmers markets are wrapping up, but there’s still time to preserve at home, such as canning, freezing, drying, and fermenting.
  • Food Dates Mean Quality | Summer 2023
    Food packages come with product dates. These help shoppers know when the quality of food is at its peak. Foods are often safe to eat after the product date, but the quality of the food may be less fresh.
  • Loneliness is Real and Staying Connected Helps | Spring 2023
    People can feel disconnected, isolated, and lonely while having many social connections. Learn how your perception matters in how connected you feel to others.
  • Financial Emergency Planning | Winter 2023
    Emergencies can disrupt our sense of normal and impact our financial stability. Be prepared to plan, rebuild, and recover by taking a few simple steps.
    Health involves both mind and body. Support a healthy life by checking out tips to reduce sodium intake and exploring ways to reflect and embrace your life's memories.
  • Enjoy More of Life’s Moments | Fall 2022
    Mindfulness is paying purposeful attention to the present moment. With a few simple practices and a shift in mindset, you can be more aware and intentional in your daily life. Practice mindfulness in nearly any situation by using your five senses. 

    Adults aged 65 and older are more likely to become sick from foodborne illness. Learn ways to safely store refrigerated foods. The Fall 2022 issue includes fill in the blank questions to help you retain what you've read.

  • Staying Hydrated | Summer 2022
    Drinking plenty of fluids helps your body do all the amazing things it does each day. The amount of water you need can change each day, and hydration needs vary by age, size, and activity level. Often we need more water at high altitudes or in hot, humid, and dry environments. The Summer 2022 issue includes a word search, fill in the blank questions, and ways to save money on utilities.

  • Sleep Hygiene | Spring 2022
    Having good sleep hygiene can increase your quality of sleep. Learn ways to practice good sleep hygiene by completing this word scramble. The Spring 2022 issue includes a crossword puzzle, word game and fill in the blank activity.

  • Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? | Winter 2022
    As the saying goes, are you looking at your glass half-full or half-empty? Our outlook may be grim, or it could be positive. If your tendency is to see a less optimistic view, then you might want to explore strategies to build an optimistic future.

    Also included in this issue are warning signs of fraud. Financial exploitation can affect anyone, but older adults are more at risk. Many older adults become targets for scams and fraud due to having more assets, becoming lonely and/or socially isolated, and having age related brain changes. Scams can come from anyone, from phone scammers to ill-willed financial advisors and family members. The Winter 2022 issue also includes a review of popular herbs.

  • Life’s Moments | Fall 2021
    Our lives are created from all the experiences we have lived. It is the people and relationships, the places we’ve been, and the things that we have done or that we do that make us who we are. Writing down your memories lets you reflect on who you were, who you are today, and the life lived in between. It provides an important legacy for future generations of your family.

    In addition, learn the different legal tools exist that allow you to communicate your wishes to others when you can’t speak for yourself. A will is one example and is used when you die. Power of attorney documents (both financial and health care) can help when you’re still alive. These tools protect your finances. The Fall 2021 issue also includes a word search.

  • Create a Staycation | Summer 2021 
    Many people travel away from their home to explore new places; however, a staycation focuses on getting to know the area you live in better. Travel doesn’t need to be expensive or overwhelming for you to benefit from new perspectives and energy revitalization. The Summer 2021 issue includes a memory game to play.