Breastfeeding in the First Six Months: Myths, Benefits, and Barriers

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Breastfed babies have improved brain, physical, and immune system development

Only one in five infants are exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Breast milk is essential for adequate…

The Price of Debt: How Much is Too Much?

Money Basics Webinar Series 2024
Find out some things to consider before borrowing.

Borrowing money can be an option to support your financial goals, but it can become overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Learn…

Responsive Care: Supporting Caregivers As They Care for Their Baby or Toddler

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Be aware of the need for adequate parental leave

Less than half of U.S. parents receive paid leave to care for their newborns. Lack of adequate paid leave increases the risk of adverse health…

How Soon Is Too Soon for Solid Foods? The Right Foods Introduced to Babies at the Right Time

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Start babies on solid foods at the right time

Nearly 40% of babies start solid foods too early. Starting solid foods too early or too late can impact your baby's health and growth. Learn when to…

Understanding Credit

Money Basics Webinar Series 2024
Learn how credit reports can help you reach your financial goals

What is credit, and why is it so important to have good credit? Let’s discuss credit reports and credit scores together!

Guiding Little Palates to Healthy Eating: A Healthy and Nutritious Diet for Babies and Toddlers

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Discover practical ways to develop nourishing eating habits

Babies and toddlers can be picky, but a nutritious diet impacts their health and development and can shape their eating habits for the…

Money, Stress, and Bad Habits

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Strategies to calm down stress and stress spending

Learn what stress is, how it negatively affects our judgment, and some everyday bad habits related to money that it drags us into, such as hyper…

The Importance of Water: Quenching Toddlers’ Thirst Healthily

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Explore healthy ways to quench a child's thirst

Over half of toddlers consume at least one sugar-sweetened beverage daily. Drinking juice, sports drinks, soda, or other sweetened beverages…

Strategies for Debt Repayment

Money Basics Webinar Series 2024
Discover ways to overcome debt stress

Debt can be distressing. If you have debt or are planning on taking on debt, do you have a plan on how to pay the money back? Explore different strategies…

Nutrition Guidelines for Babies and Toddlers: Decoding Mixed Messages About How To Feed Young Children

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
These guidelines provide healthy nutritional needs for feeding children

Over half of parents receive mixed messages about what to feed their young children. That can be confusing! It is essential…