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Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff - Recorded Webinar Series 

Fred Rogers & Financial Counseling: What Do They Have in Common? Recorded Webinar 

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Personal Finance Now!

  • More for Your Money: This interactive site teaches basic money management principles.
  • Credit Card Smarts: Up-to-date advice about credit card topics including managing debt.
  • Getting Through Tough Financial Times: Resources for helping families during tough economic times.
  • Family Financial Feuds: Family Financial Feud is a podcast that addresses common financial topics that often inspire disagreements within families, including credit scores, money personalities, and financial goals. 


Planning for the Future

  • Choosing a Financial Professional: Do you need help developing strategies to reach your financial goals? This website can help.
  • Long-Term Care: Talking, Deciding, Taking Action: Long-term care includes social, emotional, physical, financial, housing, and medical support and assistance throughout the aging process. We've selected four, interrelated areas of long-term care to highlight in this website.


Young Adults and College Students

  • Get Savvy: Grow Your Green Stuff Webinars: These webinars inform, educate and empower students and young adults to take action and own their financial well-being. These free webinars are designed for college students.
  • Financial Planning for Young Adults: An introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults, using eight modules to cover critical topics like financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing, and managing personal credit.


Volunteer and Training Programs

  • Financial Wellness: The Financial Wellness program aims to help University of Illinois students learn to manage their money effectively and make wise financial decisions.
  • All My Money: The All My Money: Change for the Better curriculum is a train-the-trainer financial management program for persons working with limited-resource audiences. Designed for agency staff, social workers and other educators to teach financial literacy topics.


Let's Talk Money

Week 1 - Who Am I With Money - Values Activity

Who Am I With Money - Recorded Webinar

Week 2 - Borrowing - Recorded Webinar

Week 3 - Unequal Access to Credit - Recorded Webinar 

Week 4 - Best Debt Repayment Strategy - Recorded Webinar 

Week 5 - Credit Secrets Revealed - Recorded Webinar 

Week 6 - Best Kept Secrets for Financial Success - Recorded Webinar

Week 7 - Framing Biases, Overcoming Hurdles - Recorded Webinar

Week 8  - Make Your Savings Grow - Recorded Webinar

Spring 2021 Let's Talk Money Webinar Series YouTube Playlist


How to Save Money on Food

Recorded Webinar

PowerPoint Presentation - How to Save Money on Food

Participant Handout - How to Save Money on Food

Weekly Meal Plan

What's in Season... in Illinois 


Fearless Financial Future: Research-based financial information to help us develop and maintain thoughtful and effective financial behaviors.

Plan Well, Retire Well: Saving and investing your money.