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Reacquaint yourself with the Plan Well, Retire Well blog

We’re back! After a hiatus, the Plan Well, Retire Well blog is back with renewed energy! We will introduce our Illinois Extension bloggers in the next few weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy our blog posts and find timely, research-based financial information that will help you in your daily life.
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More help available to manage your money

Hi everyone!

My name is Emily Harmon, and I am Extension's new Finances Educator for Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion counties. So, what about finances intrigues me? I find it fascinating the attitudes and habits people have with money. Some people are very open about money while others would rather not talk about it.
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Finding financial balance

Learning what you value and how to balance your individual wants and needs with your available financial resources can impact your overall personal financial well-being.

Many people are not feeling comfortable with their finances at the present time as we are experiencing such high levels of inflation. Take this time of discomfort to investigate your finances and see where changes may benefit your current and future circumstances.

Featured Blog Posts

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What should I ask about a company's 401K when starting my first job?

Fantastic, you made it through college, walked across the stage at graduation, received your diploma, and got that first career job offer. What should you ask your prospective employer about benefits, specifically about retirement plans?
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How can I save money while on vacation?

Vacations are costly, even if you start planning months before your vacation. While you are on the trip food, activities, and nightlife can get costly. Whether you don’t want to break the bank while on vacation or want to practice affordable ways to travel, these tips can help you save money.
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Weathering the storm.

Natural disasters and other emergencies are unexpected, often dangerous, and require immediate action. They come in many forms and can affect any of us. Developing a financial plan helps reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with these challenging and life-changing experiences.

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