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DeCluttering Your Life

In this episode, Personal Finance expert Kathy Sweedler and Chelsea Byers, Family Life Educator, Illinois Extension, discuss decluttering, disadvantages of letting clutter accumulate, common issues encountered when decluttering, and they provide tips on how to stay motivated and tackle all of that clutter!

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small loaves of bread

Cottage Foods and Second Gigs

Jenna Smith, MPH, RD, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, Illinois Extension, discusses Illinois cottage food law and common challenges cottage food producers encounter, plus tips about shopping for cottage foods!

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Inclusive Financial Education and Practices

Camaya Wallace Bechard (Extension Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access) and Personal Finance expert Kathy Sweedler discuss what it means to have inclusive practices in financial education, inclusive leadership, and working with individuals with disabilities and culturally diverse communities.

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