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As your friends and neighbors, Extension educators are here to help you explore financial choices and decisions. Workshops are offered in your local communities; check the event calendar, and look below, to find workshops close by.

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Young or old, there's always more to learn about personal finances. Add to your knowledge and skills with a unbiased, timely workshop from Illinois Extension.

Putting Healthy Food on the Table: Addressing Food Access Challenges for Families With Young Children

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Explore the challenges associated with food accessibility and practical ways to address them

One in five young children lives in a household that struggles to put enough nutritious food on the…

Smart Saving Strategies

Money Basics Webinar Series 2024
Build peace of mind for a better financial future

Building healthy and sustainable savings habits can be overwhelming when starting from scratch. In this session, we will explore some simple…

Social Investment in Every Child: Securing the Future and Well-Being of All Babies and Toddlers

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Find out what you can do to ensure better nutrition for children

Over 25% of infants and toddlers live in poverty. Society must invest in the well-being of every baby and toddler today to secure…

Don’t Go It Alone: Improving Your Social Connections

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Learn to define social isolation, loneliness, and risk factors.

Studies show that more than 20% of adults in the United States feel lonely, isolated, or both. Research increasingly shows that…

Secrets For Financial Success

County: Champaign

Feeling overwhelmed by finances? Don't worry, you're not alone. University of Illinois Extension and the New American Welcome Center are excited to offer a six-session series called…

Financial Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Learn how to prepare for financial emergencies, plan, recover, and rebuild.

Disasters and other emergencies can disrupt your finances and your sense of normal. In this session, you will learn…

Keys to Financial Security

Money Basics Webinar Series 2024
Gain tools to improve financial well-being

Do you feel your financial plan needs a refresh? Financial planning can be short-term, long-term, or ideally both. Discover smart steps to focus on your…

The Fuel to Fight Cancer

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Explore how the right food helps to fight cancer.

Nutrition is a tool to support cancer prevention, treatment, and care. This lesson will discuss research on how food can reduce cancer risk and…

Navigating Changes as We Age

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Discover new opportunities and a positive mindset.

Everyone is aging, and many changes happen along the way - physically, mentally, and financially - in about every aspect of our lives. This…

Eating for Eye Health

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Explore more about your eyes and how to keep them healthy.

Age-related eye diseases are the leading cause of blindness and vision problems in the United States, but luckily, you can do things to…