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As your friends and neighbors, Extension educators are here to help you explore financial choices and decisions. Workshops are offered in your local communities; check the event calendar, and look below, to find workshops close by.

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Young or old, there's always more to learn about personal finances. Add to your knowledge and skills with a unbiased, timely workshop from Illinois Extension.

Your Financial Tool Chest

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Discovering helpful financial tools

Nowadays, various financial products and tools meet complex consumer needs. Explore in this free webinar which services can help you achieve your goals and…

Money in Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Tips for making your small business a success

Personal and professional finances often get mixed in the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Learn about best practices to manage your finances…

Steps to Investing: What to Know Now

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Beginning to invest wisely

In this session, we will explore new trends in the securities world and discover new insights as we cover the basics of investing for beginners.


Navigating Changes as We Age

Lessons for Living Series 2024
Discover new opportunities and a positive mindset.

Everyone is aging, and many changes happen along the way - physically, mentally, and financially - in about every aspect of our lives. This…

Disparities in Maternal Care: Good Care for All During Pregnancy

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Protect mother and baby during pregnancy

The United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among developed countries. High maternal mortality rates can be attributed to minority…

Save Money on Food

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
Ways to eat healthy while saving

Are you happy with how much money you spend on food? Would you like to learn some tricks for eating well for less money? If any of these questions resonate, this…

Breastfeeding in the First Six Months: Myths, Benefits, and Barriers

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Breastfed babies have improved brain, physical, and immune system development

Only one in five infants are exclusively breastfed for the first six months. Breast milk is essential for adequate…

Responsive Care: Supporting Caregivers As They Care for Their Baby or Toddler

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Be aware of the need for adequate parental leave

Less than half of U.S. parents receive paid leave to care for their newborns. Lack of adequate paid leave increases the risk of adverse health…

Student Loan Management

Get Savvy - Grow Your Green Stuff Series
What to know about student loans

Regardless of where you are in your student loan journey, there are many things to remember when managing those loans, from application to pay-off (or forgiveness…

How Soon Is Too Soon for Solid Foods? The Right Foods Introduced to Babies at the Right Time

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Start babies on solid foods at the right time

Nearly 40% of babies start solid foods too early. Starting solid foods too early or too late can impact your baby's health and growth. Learn when to…