Get Savvy

Get an early start on managing your money.

When it comes to smart money managing habits, it’s best to start early to ensure a solid financial future. Learn how to make the most of your financial resources and explore techniques for investing, saving money, smart spending, handling price increases, starting a side hustle, or managing your student loans.


2023 Workshops

piggy bank wearing a graduation cap

Cash at College | August 16 | Noon

How do finances affect your college experience? Heading to college this fall? Then you shouldn’t miss this seminar! This free online seminar covers the basics of banking, budgeting, credit, and securing financial information during the transition to college life. Explore how spending, saving, and student loans affect your college experience.


for rent sign in front of apartments

Read Before You Sign: Renting & Leasing | September 6 | Noon

Know your rights and responsibilities as a renter. Renting a home alone or with roommates is a big commitment. Learn about rental agreements and how they work so you know your responsibilities and rights when renting a place to call home.



halloween pumpkin and bank saying don't get spooked by spending plans?

Spooked by Spending Plans? | October 11 | Noon

Gain control over your financial fears. Creating a budget can feel like you’re constricting your funds so you can’t have fun; however, creating a spending plan will ensure you’re determining where your hard-earned money goes. Learn what drives our spending desires and find tools that work best for you to gain complete control over your financial fears.


scam alert on phone. don't get phished. avoid scams and fraud

Don't Get Phished: Avoid Scams & Fraud | November 8 | Noon

Know how to protect against phishing attacks. Criminals are finding ways to obtain sensitive data through new technologies, texts, calls, emails, or in person. Find out how to protect yourself or your company from fraud, recognize identity theft, and what to do if you are affected by social engineering or security breaches.


person holding a locked phone. Your financial tool chest

Your Financial Tool Chest | December 6 | Noon

Discover helpful financial tools. Nowadays, various financial products and tools meet complex consumer needs. Explore in this free webinar which services can help you achieve your goals and keep your money safe and costs low.



2024 Workshops

woman signing bills. money in your entrepreneurial pursuit

Money in Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit | January 24 | Noon

Personal and professional finances often get mixed in the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Learn about best practices to manage your finances while building your small business.


person at desk. steps to investing. What to know now

Steps to Investing: What to Know Now | February 7 | Noon

Beginning to invest wisely. In this session, we will explore new trends in the securities world and discover new insights as we cover the basics of investing for beginners.


dinner plate with cash sitting under the silverware. Save money on food

Save Money on Food | March 6 | Noon

Are you happy with how much money you spend on food? Would you like to learn some tricks for eating well for less money? If any of these questions resonate, this free webinar is for you! There are lots of ways to eat healthy while saving money. 


student loan management diploma, dollar bill, and graduation cap

Student Loan Management | April 3 | Noon

Regardless of where you are in your student loan journey, there are many things to remember when managing those loans, from application to pay-off (or forgiveness). Learn the terms, tips, and tools to make managing your education debt easier.


woman upset over money. webinar on money, stress and bad habits

Money, Stress, and Bad Habits | May 1 | Noon

Learn what stress is, how it negatively affects our judgment, and some everyday bad habits related to money that it drags us into, such as hyper-consumerism, overeating, online shopping, luxury items, gambling, etc. Discover how to recognize when we mistakenly use money to calm and manage stress and ways to overcome it.