Teaching Kids About Money

Raise money savvy kids.

Becoming a good money manager requires practice and conversations. Adults share the responsibility of helping youth and young adults learn how to manage their finances well. Conversations with adults help young people understand the importance and power of money management. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, or friend, you can help youth learn how to become good money managers.

Talking about money can be tough. We tend to have all kinds of values, mixed messages, emotions and more tied to our money conversations. For some people, the last kind of talk they want to have with family is “the money talk.” Unfortunately, this means our children may not be as prepared to handle their finances when they’re adults. Make the time and space to talk to youth about money. Not sure what to talk about or do with your children related to money? You can begin with simple, daily financial topics. These blog posts contain LOTS of ideas!