Protecting Your Finances

As a savvy consumer, you can take steps to protect your finances.

You’ve worked hard for your money, and you do not want to lose it! No one likes thinking about losing money from fraud or when the unexpected happens. Resources from Illinois Extension can help alleviate the scary feelings and explain practical strategies to minimize financial risks. Take steps today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Insurance Protects Us

We cannot remove all risk from our lives. We can choose how we want to handle risk to our finances. We can choose to buy insurance to help those challenging financial situations like accidents, storms, and losses. Or, we can choose to self-insure and pay for these expenses from our savings. Explore these resources to decide what is the best plan for you.

Colorful umbrella with rain coming down
Weathering the Unexpected

Natural disasters and other emergencies are unexpected, often dangerous, and require immediate action. They come in many forms and can affect any of us. The magnitude of emergencies vary, but we can work to mitigate the severity of their effects. Therefore, developing a financial plan helps reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with these challenging and life-changing experiences. Read the full blog and know if you're protected.

Financial educators explore the affects of disasters on our financial lives, and how to plan to minimize the effects during their podcast, Weathering the Storm.