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tax worksheet

Tax time financial review and decisions

As the April 15 tax deadline has just passed, most people have filed their income tax returns. What are you planning to do with your tax refund or how are you planning to pay any tax amount due? Knowing what to expect when filing your taxes can help you plan what decisions to make next. If you...
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Two teen boys in a store

Help your child be a good financial manager

Do you have youth and teens in your life? This summer may be an excellent time for them to learn the skills and knowledge they need to be good financial managers as adults. Knowing we want to help develop positive skills and knowledge is one thing; being able to do it is another! Each child comes...
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one dollar bills

Where does the money go?

Another month has gone by, and I’m wondering, how does my household spend so much money? It’s definitely time for a Spending Audit! I’m on the hunt for expenses for things that I don’t want, aren’t important to me, or are too expensive. Join me as I dig deep with this investigative work. First...
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Piggy bank on cash

Opportunity to learn practical money management strategies

Webinars provide a safe environment to explore new or challenging topics. As financial educators, we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment where participants feel comfortable asking finance-related questions. Chat comments from participants during our 2023 financial education webinar...
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New Year’s financial refresh

With the start of a new year, you should take some time to think about your financial wellness in addition to your overall health. Do you feel like you are in a good place financially? If you are not happy with your current financial situation, how could you change things this year to get on the...
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couple looking at each other's phones

Pay down debt or invest my money?

Should I pay extra on my student loan or invest in a Roth IRA? Build up an emergency savings fund or pay off my credit card debt? Pay off my mortgage or put more money in my 401(k) retirement plan? In one form or another, the trending question lately has been, "Is it better to pay down debt or...
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picture of phone with a receipt coming out of it, credit cards laying on phone, money coins on one side of phone and money bills on other side

Mint app retiring: Tracking expenses in the New Year!

Have you heard the news? Do you use the Mint app to track your spending? Maybe you haven’t if you are not a Mint user. But the very popular budgeting app Mint launched in 2009 is phasing out to become integrated into the Intuit-owned app, Credit Karma. They are saying the Mint app will no longer be...
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