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Plan Well, Retire Well

Great retirements don't happen by accident. Tips for saving and investing money whether you're young or old.

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Steps to choose health insurance

Purchasing health insurance requires choosing which insurance plan works best for you, whether you are choosing from your workplace options or from the marketplace. Before you make your decision, think about what is important to you: Which doctors and/or hospitals are accessible with each...
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Finding financial balance

Money is a topic that impacts almost everyone. Learning what you value and how to balance your individual wants and needs with your available financial resources can impact your overall personal financial well-being. Many people are not feeling comfortable with their finances at the present time...
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More help available to manage your money

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Harmon, and I am Extension's new Finances Educator for Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, and Vermilion counties. While I am new to this position, I am not new to Extension. I was one of the program coordinators for the finances and family life programs since 2019. I...
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Reacquaint yourself with the Plan Well, Retire Well blog

We’re back! After a hiatus, the Plan Well, Retire Well blog is back with renewed energy! We will introduce our Illinois Extension bloggers in the next few weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy our blog posts and find timely, research-based financial information that will help you in your daily life. A...
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Weathering the unexpected

I grew up in Jamaica, where one of the seasons is fondly referred to as the “rainy season,” which seemed like most of the year. Hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, and tropical storms are prevalent in the Caribbean. As a young child, I remember the adjustments my dad would make to our house. He...
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Avoid overspending with smart holiday shopping strategies

It takes extra effort around the holidays to stay within a budget. We tend to spend more when we're tired and stressed, and holidays can add tasks and expectations to our already busy lives. In addition, everywhere we turn are spectacular sales, deals, and wish lists full of gifts and gadgets to...
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Should I do my own tax preparation?

Originally posted in 2021; updated March 2023 Every year people gather up all their tax documents, organize them and then think about their options: do their income tax filing themselves, pay someone else do it, or find another option! Today, let’s explore these options. Is it...
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