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After a year of quarantine, how can you save money and travel safely?

Travel is the spice of life!  Travel is an opportunity to see and do things differently from our daily lives, connect with family and friends, and re-energize ourselves. Whether you choose to out of the county, across the country, or around the world, thinking about ways to decrease costs can be helpful – maybe it’ll even mean you can do more travel! How can you decide where to pinch your pennies and when to splurge when traveling? Your likes and dislikes will dictate what you consider...
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Our Conference Experiences: Teaching Personal Finance in 2020 – Part 2

One of the best parts about attending professional conferences is the chance to update and reset my thinking about teaching personal finance. While teaching about money might sound like the same old, same old, there’s always something new to learn and share! Three topics stand out in my mind as I reflect on sessions I attended during the AFCPE Symposium. How is COVID affecting people’s finances? While it’s clear that the pandemic is having a financial impact on people’s lives...
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Who do I call to get help with fill-in-the-blank?

As we move through our lives, different challenges and needs rise. In my own family, our needs have changed over time. When my children were young, I was concerned with finding quality childcare and used clothing and toys. As family members aged, we needed home delivery of meals, medical care support, and transportation services. Sometimes we can handle these challenges on our own, and sometimes community resources are helpful. It’s not until a specific, personal need comes up that we tend to...
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