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Fearless Financial Future

Fraud: More than the Dollars

Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Fraud: More than the Dollars", with a graphic depicting a person and fraud symbols

According to data from the Supplemental Fraud Survey (2021), an estimated 3 million American adults reported being victims of personal finance fraud during a 12-month period and lost more than $3.2 billion total. Furthermore, it is equally important to acknowledge that more than half of financial fraud victims also reported experiencing socioemotional problems due to the incident.

In this episode, Extension Educator Camaya Wallace Bechard and Kathy Sweedler discuss the effects of financial exploitation on your financial and emotional well-being They focus on some of the common types of scams and the warning signs to look out for online and in person. They provide strategies to help you protect yourself and loved ones and resources for reporting scams when they happen. Find Fraud: More than the Dollars on our SoundCloud page to listen to the podcast!