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    What do you consider a major purchase? When do you think it is the right time to buy a big-ticket item? Responses to these questions may vary based on our interpretations. However, in difficult financial times, our approach may be different. While we are still making money decisions during this economic downturn, we also may be cautious and conscious about how we spend our dollars. A central goal of our podcast is to find ways to address feuds that arise.

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    Tomorrow is the last day of our social media campaign, Financial Wellness Checkup! Over the past five weeks, we have covered several of your favorite personal finance topics, credit management, estate planning, back-to-school planning, and financial exploitation. We are closing out with a focus on ways to grow your savings. We understand that this is a hard topic during an economic downturn, and encourage you to consider some small ways you can still build or rebuild your savings.

    Protect your rainy day fund

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    Anyone can become a victim of fraud. Losing money or property through scams and frauds can have a lasting and devastating effect on your financial well-being (CFPB).  This week’s theme is financial exploitation, and throughout the week, we will be exploring multiple topics that focus on protecting personally identifiable information.   

    Protect your financial information online from identity thieves

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    Over the past few months, the economic climate has shifted dramatically with high unemployment rates and other levels of financial instability. The consumer economics team launches a new 5-week social media campaign, Financial Wellness Checkup. The goal of this social media campaign is to promote positive financial behaviors. It also aims to provide practical tips and resources for consumers as they work to manage their finances and improve their overall wellbeing.

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    In this podcast episode, Camaya Wallace Bechard, Kathy Sweedler, and Sasha Grabenstetter discuss ways to identify financial stress. They also provided research on coping strategies and resources and shared information on to access federal, state, and community resources. To learn more, listen on Soundcloud.

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    My family had been waiting to see the movie, Onward since we saw the first trailer in 2019. One of the local theaters is about a mile from our house, and we love to walk (when the weather permits) or take a short drive to see some of our favorite new movies. Since we couldn’t go to the theater when it was released, we were happy it was available to stream. Each year, we go through the motions of subscribing to or canceling streaming services based on changes to the service or the time of year when our favorite shows are available.

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    Many of us like checking things off our lists, it gives us a sense of accomplishment, but sometimes lists can feel overwhelming during stressful times. Our latest podcast explores financial to-do lists, the paradox of choice, and finding ways to overcome the barriers we face to completing important financial tasks. 

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    In this episode of Family Financial Feuds, Kathy, Sasha, and Camaya share some of their favorite children’s books that explore essential money concepts.

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    We all interpret and react differently to changes. In my extended family, some people have “what to do in a disaster plan,” and others prefer to take steps one day at a time. Whatever your approach to the new challenges that we are currently facing, the financial strains that may emerge could cause distress within us. We also know that money is a hard topic to discuss, therefore, finding ways to reduce anxiety about money conversations or accessing resources during this time is essential and can help resiliency in all of us.



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    In August 2019, I wrote about transferring money to loved ones safely domestically and internationally through banks and financial companies on my Fearless Financial Future blog. I received a reader’s request to write about some of the other ways consumers are repaying each other or transferring money using mobile devices. In this article, I explore the relationship between banking and technology by focusing on peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payment apps.

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    The beginning of the year is typically a time for reflection and goal setting, and I started thinking more about what the concept of financial independence means to us.  This is one of my favorite topics because of what it means for financial well-being (the ability to meet all financial needs, today and over time; feel secure in the financial future; absorb a financial shock; and have the financial freedom to make choices to enjoy life).

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    In this podcast episode, Kathy, Sasha, and I looked back on our first year of podcasting. We launched the Family Financial Feuds podcast, November 2018 and since then, we have covered some great topics. Below are brief overviews of each episode, listen in for more information and let us know how we are doing!


    November 2018: Introduction

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    In our latest podcast episode, Sasha and I discussed subscription boxes!

    As the use of subscription boxes grow, we examined how this trend affects family/household spending plans. Learn about some of the benefits and challenges.

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    What are some of the smart mobile devices (SMDs) you have in your household? In a new podcast episode on Family Financial Feuds, Too Smart for Our Own Good? Kathy and I discussed the popularity of smart devices such as iPad and tablets, smartphones, watches, and others in families and households. We focused on the decisions households make about different SMDs. Individual members of a household may have different attitudes and comfort level with technology, and they consider cost, plans, and types of devices.

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    Over the past 14 years, I've used different forms of money transfer services to send and receive money. I've had both positive and challenging experiences, and every time, I have an internal discussion with myself, debating if this is the most cost-effective and safest way to send or receive money.

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    I covered planning for back-to-school in two short videos for Financial Wellness LIVE! Click Here & Here to view and send comments.


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    We had a great conversation about credit scores on Financial Wellness LIVE! Click here to view and leave comments!

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    When I was in graduate school, I remember having conversations with my peers about the length of time it would take us to repay our student loans. For some of us, that meant closer to our proposed retirement years. For some older adults (60 and over), the realities of carrying student loan debt continue to increase.

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    Are you or have you ever been a part of a multi-generational household? What are some of the benefits and challenges? To listen to our new podcast episode on Sound Cloud click here!
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    My Summit Experience

    I recently attended an employer summit that focused on how school districts, school counselors, and employers can collaborate in preparing students for life after high school. Some important highlights of that meeting was providing hands-on, accessible, relevant, and timely education and practical experiences for students. Experiences that are innovative and collaborative and prepare them for adult life. Access to technology and leadership opportunities focus on hard skills that young people need to be resourceful and successful.