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Financial Exploitation

Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Fraud: More than the Dollars", with a graphic depicting a person and fraud symbols

Fraud: More than the Dollars

According to data from the Supplemental Fraud Survey (2021), an estimated 3 million American adults reported being victims of personal finance fraud during a 12-month period and lost more than $3.2 billion total. Furthermore, it is equally important to acknowledge that more than half of financial...
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Financial Wellness Checkup Campaign text next to a black cartoon laptop computer with a padlock on the screen.

Financial Wellness Checkup – Tackling Financial Exploitation

Anyone can become a victim of fraud. Losing money or property through scams and frauds can have a lasting and devastating effect on your financial well-being (CFPB).  This week’s theme is financial exploitation, and throughout the week, we will be exploring multiple topics that focus on protecting...
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