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Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Managing Credit when Prices are Rising"

Managing Credit when Prices are Rising

As a consumer, you have likely felt the impact of inflation on your wallet, but have you considered how inflation can affect your credit? Costs of various products have gone up, along with interest rates. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Consumer Price Index (CPI) for used...
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Man holding pen sitting across a desk from woman with hands folded

Understand your fair access to credit

When I first started using credit, it was exciting and intriguing to learn how I could build and improve my credit over time. At that time, I never thought about how my personal characteristics (e.g., age, accent/nationality, race, gender, etc.) could be used against me. I became interested in fair...
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Forgive yourself and overcome money shame

When I got my first credit card many years ago, I thought I was ready for all the responsibilities that came with managing this type of credit. Even though I did my due diligence to research the card company and believed I could afford to make my monthly payments, there were a lot of things I didn’...
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