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Fearless Financial Future

Fighting to Save Money

Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Fighting to Save Money", with a graphic depicting a person with boxing gloves and bag of money

Did you know that 32% of U.S. households do not have enough money saved to cover a $400 emergency expense? Maybe the needs in your household are constantly changing, you and your partner don't always agree on how to spend your money, or you aren't sure how to start a savings plan; there can be many barriers that get in the way of saving.

In this episode, Extension Educator Camaya Wallace Bechard and Kathy Sweedler discuss barriers associated with short-term and long-term savings goals, share resources from the Social Security Administration and a life expectancy calculator to help you estimate how much you need for long-term goals like retirement. They also provide some strategies to help address those savings challenges and start saving more. Find Fighting to Save Money on our SoundCloud page to hear the full conversation!