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Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Fighting to Save Money", with a graphic depicting a person with boxing gloves and bag of money
Read article: Fighting to Save Money
Fighting to Save Money
Did you know that 32% of U.S. households do not have enough money saved to cover a $400 emergency expense? Maybe the needs in your household are...
Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Happy travels", with a graphic depicting two travelers walking
Read article: Happy Travels
Happy Travels
When it comes to creating saving goals, we often think of big-ticket items such as saving for a down payment on a house, education, car, retirement,...
Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Teens and Money: No failure to launch", with a graphic depicting women riding a rocket
Read article: Teens and Money: No failure to launch
Teens and Money: No failure to launch
In a world where teens face so many challenges and opportunities, how can we help make sure they learn effective money management skills? To begin...
someone counting dollars
Read article: Five financial tips for single parents
Five financial tips for single parents
Growing up, I often heard if you want something done well, find the busiest person in the room and ask them. More often than not, that incredible...
Purple background with "Family Financial Feuds" and "Life Transitions", with a graphic depicting crossroads
Read article: Life Transitions
Life Transitions
Did you know that approximately...
How can I prepare for a vacation?
Read article: How can I prepare for a vacation?
How can I prepare for a vacation?
Traveling as a student can seem impossible. Between the checks from low paying university jobs and monthly allowances from parents, sometimes we must...
How can I stay motivated in achieving my financial goals?
Read article: How can I stay motivated in achieving my financial goals?
How can I stay motivated in achieving my financial goals?
Congratulations! You have taken action to get your financial life in order. Whether your goal is saving, budgeting, investing, or repaying debt, the...
Text says "Family Financial Feuds: Train Your Brain" with an image of a barbell
Read article: Train your brain
Train your brain
In this Family Financial Feuds episode, I had a mind-opening conversation with Karla Belzer about the role mindfulness plays in reducing stress about...

News Releases

Financial literacy series supports southern Illinois women in agriculture
MURPHYSBORO, Ill.— There are uncertainties with agriculture finances, but through a financial literacy series offered by Illinois Extension, women in agriculture can be prepared. Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options is a four-part program through Annie's Project, which empowers women in...
Improve well-being, health with 5 life lessons
URBANA, Ill. – Continued learning through all stages of life helps us to thrive physically, mentally, and financially. No matter your age, learn valuable life lessons in five monthly workshops which continue a tradition of supporting Illinois residents and communities with relevant and easy-to-...
Build money management skills early for a solid financial future
URBANA, Ill. — Building positive money habits early in life paves the way for long-term financial stability, but navigating topics such as spending, saving, investing, and managing debt can feel overwhelming, especially for young adults who are tackling financial responsibilities for the first...


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