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Cottage Food & Second Gigs

"Family Financial Feuds Cottage Food & Second Gigs" with images of cans, jars, and a piggy bank

The last few years have seen an increase in the percentage of self-employed according to a recent report from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. As of February 2022, self-employed workers made up almost 11% of employed workers in the U.S. Are you looking for an opportunity for self-employment while doing something you enjoy? Cottage Food might be just what you are looking for, and Illinois Extension has excellent resources about Cottage Food Law that may benefit you or someone you know. 

In this episode, Personal Finance expert Kathy Sweedler and Jenna Smith, MPH, RD, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, Illinois Extension, discuss Illinois cottage food law, how this type of self-employment can benefit the cottage food producer, how cottage food benefits the consumer and local economy, and common challenges cottage food producers encounter. They provide tips on what to look out for as a consumer when buying cottage food and resources to learn more about Illinois cottage food guidelines and filing taxes when self-employed. Find Cottage Food & Second Gigs on our SoundCloud page to listen to the podcast!