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Consumer economics

Hey, what's for dinner?: New Family Financial Feuds podcast episode!

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019), food costs represent about 13% of the average household’s annual expenditures. Food spending continues to increase during the pandemic, and the data shows some distinct patterns among different generations during this period. We love talking about food and how we can help you save money on food costs. In this episode of Family Financial Feuds, Kathy Sweedler led us into a great conversation about food expenditure in the U.S. ...
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For the Love of Streaming

My family had been waiting to see the movie, Onward since we saw the first trailer in 2019. One of the local theaters is about a mile from our house, and we love to walk (when the weather permits) or take a short drive to see some of our favorite new movies. Since we couldn’t go to the theater when it was released, we were happy it was available to stream. Each year, we go through the motions of subscribing to or canceling streaming services based on changes to the service or the time...
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