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Fearless Financial Future 2021

Blue background with family financial feuds and eat your leftovers in quotes, with a drawing of a bowl and chopsticks.

The mystery of the moldy container in the fridge

What do you see when you open your refrigerator? How many containers of your favorite foods have been sitting in there for the past week or so? Those leftovers you keep meaning to eat - until you must eventually throw them away. Estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest that over...
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Text says "Family Financial Feuds: Train Your Brain" with an image of a barbell

Train your brain

In this Family Financial Feuds episode, I had a mind-opening conversation with Karla Belzer about the role mindfulness plays in reducing stress about money. Karla is a Family Life Educator with University of Illinois Extension. She is also now the acting County Director for one of the IL Extension...
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Text says "Family Financial Feuds: Thinking long term - kids versus retirement" with an image of a person with two thought bubbles with question marks.

Thinking long term

Sasha Grabenstetter led the team into a lively and relevant discussion on whether it was possible to save for your children’s education and simultaneously save for retirement. We discussed our past college experiences, covered research on 529 plans, and explored savings goals. Find us...
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Text says "Family Financial Feuds: Mindfulness and Money" with an image of a heart and a brain

Mindfulness and Money

There is growing interest in the personal finance community on mindfulness's effects on our money attitudes and behaviors. The research on mindfulness is continuously evolving. The focus on the relationship between money behaviors and mindfulness is intriguing to many financial professionals who...
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