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Fearless Financial Future

Train your brain

Text says "Family Financial Feuds: Train Your Brain" with an image of a barbell

In this Family Financial Feuds episode, I had a mind-opening conversation with Karla Belzer about the role mindfulness plays in reducing stress about money. Karla is a Family Life Educator with University of Illinois Extension. She is also now the acting County Director for one of the IL Extension units. Karla has worked for 20 plus years in the health and services field. She has been studying, researching, and writing about mindfulness for many years, and she brings some new perspectives to the discussion on incorporating mindfulness in financial literacy education.

Our conversation is a follow-up to the Mindfulness and Money episode in January 2021. For this latest conversation, we focused on strategies that can help us develop a shift in how we think about money management.

We are so excited for you to listen to this new episode! Please find Train Your Brain on our Sound Cloud page.