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Finding Financial Balance

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Cost-effective ways to beat the summer heat

In the Midwest, the summer months can bring the heat. Many people look forward to this season for a variety of reasons like possible vacations or camping, baseball season (for local kids and professional teams), and fun summer activities like gardening, swimming, and biking. The part of the season...
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house of money

Deciding on debt: To borrow or not to borrow?

Borrowing money can be a big decision. Some large purchases like buying a home, a vehicle, or continuing your education may not be possible without taking on debt. Other types of borrowing may be for smaller items, like the items you purchase using a credit card or borrowing money with buy now pay...
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produce aisle

Focusing on food costs

Have your groceries been eating up your budget lately? If you have noticed the increased cost of buying food, you are not alone. Some current financial wellness challenges are inflation outpacing income, the cost of expenses continuing to rise, and savings levels are lower recently. Food costs are...
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Debt-free holiday gifting

A season of gifting does not have to mean taking on debt. Do you take on debt for holiday gifting? Debt comes in many forms, such as using a credit card, borrowing money from a friend, or using a buy now pay it later service. As a previous blog post...
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Black Friday Shopping – Is it worth the hype?

The holiday shopping season is upon us. The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be here soon. Don’t forget occasional expenses, like gifts, when creating a spending plan. When shopping for presents, comparison shopping and shopping on sale may be good practices. A concern with sale...
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