Crop Management

General crop related information and websites

  • Soybean Rust (USDA): The latest USDA information on soybean rust.
  • 2019 USDA Illinois county corn and soybean yield estimates. 
  • Healthy Pastures 
  • Illinois Agronomy Handbook: The Illinois Agronomy Handbook covers best management practices for agricultural producers in the Midwest. You'll get current, research-based information to help you increase yield and lower production costs. 
  • Illinois Farm Management Handbook: Handy information from the farmdoc website: Crop Budgets, Machinery Costs, Land and Leasing information 
  • Illinois Variety Testing: The University of Illinois Variety Testing program began in 1934. Crop performance tests are conducted annually to provide farmers, extension personnel, and private seed companies with agronomic information on hybrids and varieties of the major Illinois field crops