Midwestern Hemp Databases

The Midwestern Hemp Database has collected production data from more than 180 hemp growers like you. Together, we'll get better. Our researchers now have a better understanding of how to produce hemp and are sharing that information directly with growers.

The legalization of industrial hemp

Illinois legalized the growth of industrial hemp, which is used for fiber and food, in 2018. Demand for the new crop outpaced the data. That's when Illinois Extension's Phillip Alberti (now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) stepped in to fill the gap, spearheading the collaboration between Midwestern researchers and growers. We're getting data directly from the field quickly and providing recommendations that match a grower's inputs.

Information in the database comes from researchers and hemp producers conducting participatory research. Researchers share the results with the public through the interactive dashboard to help growers make informed decisions on production practices and hemp cultivars. During the growing season, field data is updated weekly giving growers access to the latest information.