Southern Illinois Fruit and Vegetable Conference

Commercial specialty crop growers - tree fruit, small fruit and vegetables - of all sizes and experience levels will learn new information and have access to valuable resources.

Check out these resources From the February 10, 2021 Conference:

  • Pumpkin Spray Recommendations for 2021  Handout
  • Apple Disease Observations in 2020 and Recommendations for 2021  Handout  Video
  • Major Diseases of Peppers and Tomatoes in Illinois and Their Management  Handout  Video
  • Update on Management of Cucurbit Diseases in Illinois  Handout  Video
  • Update on Managing Peach Diseases Emphasizing Brown Rot  Handout  Video
  • Bell Tomato Field Production in Southern Illinois  Handout  Video
  • Microbial Food Safety of Hydroponic-Aquaponic Systems  Handout  Video
  • New Look for Illinois Pest Degree Calculator Provides More Options for Specialty Crop Growers  Handout  Video
  • Climate Change Impact on Specialty Crop Agriculture in Southern Illinois  Handout  Video
  • 2020 Pumpkin Variety Trial  Video
  • Apple Insect Pests  Handout  Video
  • Control of Sweet Corn Insect Pests  Handout  Video
  • Peach Insect Pests  Handout  Video
  • High Tunnel Hydroponic Raspberry Trellising  Video
  • How to Prune Blueberries  Video

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