Weather Safety

Do you now the answer to these weather safety questions?

Directions: Place these statements cards, with points associated with the statement placed on the front and the statement and choices on the back of the card for the host to read. 

  • Separate cards into four categories: Lightning, Tornadoes, Floods, General Weather Safety
  • To choose which team goes first, flip a coin.
  • Teams choose their category and score: 
  • The announcer reads the question and three choices.
  • As a team, teams guess an answer. Correct questions earn points.
  • Questions are alternated between teams.



10 points: Benjamin Franklin used these in his work with lightning:

  • A horse and nail
  • A kite and key
  • A pipe and a pancake

20 points: Which of the following is a safe place to be during a lightning storm?

  • A baseball dugout
  • A picnic shelter
  • A hard topped car

30 points: Lightning can strike up to this far away from a storm

  • 1 mile
  • 10 miles
  • 50 miles

40 points: If you’re outdoors and cannot get to a car or safe building, you should do this:

  • Crouch down low on your feet
  • Grab a tall tree
  • Run and jump as much as possible

50 points: If someone is struck by lightning, you should do this:

  • Stay away in case they are still charged
  • Pour water on them
  • Call 911 and provide aid if you know how



10 points: A tornado warning means

  • A tornado has been seen or located on weather radar
  • Conditions are good for tornados to form
  • No tornadoes have formed, but they will within the next hour

20 points: If you are in a mobile home and a tornado is approaching, you should

  • Go outside and lie down on the ground
  • Cover yourself with blankets and hope for the best
  • Get under a table

30 points: If you are in a car and a tornado is nearby, you should

  • Stay in the car and let it pass over
  • Get out and seek shelter in a study building
  • Get out and go underneath a road overpass

40 points: A sign of a tornado at night is:

  • Flying cows
  • Small blue flashes near the ground
  • A calm wind

50 points: The greatest danger from a tornado is

  • You exploding from the pressure change
  • Flying up in the air
  • Getting hit by objects



10 points: This many inches of fast flowing water can knock you off your feet

  • 1 inch
  • 3 inches
  • 6 inches

20 points: The difference between a flood and a flash flood is:

  • A flash flood includes mud
  • A flash flood happens quickly
  • A flash flood involves lightning

30 points: The most important thing to do if a flash flood is coming is:

  • Move to higher ground
  • Jump into a boat
  • Gather supplies and wait it out

40 points: Most flash floods are caused by

  • Slow moving rainstorms
  • Slow moving tornadoes
  • Fast moving rainstorms

50 points: Towns and cities have more rain runoff because:

  • It always rains more in these areas
  • Storm drains are closed during heavy rains
  • Parking lots and roads don’t allow water into the ground

General weather safety

10 points: You should go inside if you see lightning and cannot count to this number before it thunders;

  • 10
  • 30
  • 50

20 points: Large hail can fall at this speed

  • 20 mph
  • 50 mph
  • 100 mph

30 points: A word that is used for very strong straight line winds that last a long time is:

  • Derecho
  • Doofus
  • Doodee

40 points: The greatest amount of damage from a hurricane comes from:

  • The wind
  • A wall of water that is brought inland (storm surge)
  • Tornadoes

50 points: This is used when it is very warm and humid outside:

  • The heat index
  • The wind chill index
  • The air conditioner index

Final Jeopardy

In Final Jeopardy the rules change. Before given the question, each team must decide how much of their current points they wish to wager. If they get the final question correct, they will get those points, but if they don’t, they will lose those points. Once each team decides their wager, have each spokesperson whisper it to the scorekeeper.

Both teams will be given the same question and will be given 30 seconds to talk it over in their teams (might need to separate the teams so they cant overhear each other). Make sure teams do not shout out their answer before the host asks for it. Have each spokesperson give their answer before saying what the correct answer is. The scorekeeper should then tally each teams score.

Final Question: Lightning can strike the same place more than once

  • True
  • False

Download the answers.